"Be Done With Worry"

Jun 03, 2020

Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have had a strong feeling to harness + protect my light. Simply because light is what paves the way to peace in moments like this. But, how can we harness our own brightness?


What if we took 1 day and dedicated it to showing up for ourselves? What if today we didn’t open our Instagram + FB Apps? What if today we didn’t check CNN or MSN in order to find out the most recent death count in each province?


What if, just for today, we shut it all out? Do you think we would still carry the same weight? Don’t you think every moment comes regardless of our feelings about it? Don’t you think we have a lot more control over our emotions than we think? Have we become so conditioned that mental boundaries are a thing of the past? Do you think at some point in the day, we could let go + just be? 


I’m making a choice because you see...


Worrying is a choice.

Researching is a choice.

Panic is a choice.

Fear is a choice.

The unknown has always been unknown.

So why are we all of a sudden so unaccepting of it?


What if the world is teaching us the biggest lesson we’ve had the opportunity to learn... yet, we are desperately trying to over-connect with others to keep sane, that we forgot the one relationship we’ve come to disregard the most? Our relationship with Self.


This is the time in which we dig deep inside + use all the tools we’ve come to collect over the decades. Our perseverance, our hope, our trust in the unknown + our resilience.


What if right now, your uniqueness, your strength, your wisdom, your LIGHT is what the world needs. Don’t shy away from your own light because of what appears to be the darkness, is taking stage. Remember, we are riding into the unknown, so now more than ever is a good time to root into your light + into your trust in the Universe.


We don’t always understand it, we don’t always know the “why” or in this case “when” will this pass - but we can root in our light + hope. So, be the LIGHT you need, be the light others need - be the light the world needs. Your light matters so shine bright.


I can feel a strong push for us to collectively surrender to whatever process is occurring for us. For some that process is uncomfortable + without a greater awareness of what’s going on it can be difficult to say “OK, I surrender to it all.” Especially because as Humans we love control. 


But, I urge you to consider where in your life you can surrender to worry — there are many processes playing out each day, all of them are important for our growth + to assist us in moving forward. From personal experience, no...it’s not always easy surrendering but I have come to know that there is a consequence when we resist whatever process is unfolding in front of us. The consequence is that it takes that process THAT much longer to play out. 


So, if you’re uncomfortable, concerned about your life or others, if you’re looking at what’s playing out + you’re wishing it looked and felt different, it’s a good sign that something bigger is unfolding. Hold on. Trust + surrender to it. It’s actually more comfortable for our Human to surrender than it is to resist. You’ll feel the difference. 


So today, choose YOU. Show up for you. Don’t check the news or your feed, don’t check in with friends or Netflix - know that if you’re needed to show up for someone, answer a call or jump into action....you’ll know. But, today treat yourself like you do when you’re thirsty - what do you do? You source out water to drink. Today honour what you need. A nap? A walk? A cry? Meditate? Laugh? Dance? Eat? Create? Manifest? Whatever it is, show up for you.


The rest of the world, the panic, the worry, the latest news, the stress - it can wait, it will all be there waiting to grab your attention tomorrow....but today, choose YOU.