Kayla Leanne is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher + Writer. Kayla lives with her husband, daughter + animals in Ladysmith, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island. At 33 years old, Kayla has Read over 1,100 clients all over the world + has created long-lasting professional relationships within her work. 

At only 13 years of age, Kayla began feeling and hearing Spirit come to her, sharing insight+ encouragement at a time she desperately needed it. Kayla attributes her deep spiritual connection with Self + Spirit to being able to move through many of the losses + traumas that this experience delves out. She spent the next 20 years sharpening her spiritual lens through an ongoing connection with the spirit world, while moving consciously through each Human experience. In 2016 Kayla began to realize her true calling in life was to share her gift of connection + healing with the world and slowly transitioned out of her career. 

With a career background in counselling and support work, paired with her intuitive abilities, compassion, empathic nature + spiritual teachings, she sets out to offer guidance, insight + healing to those on their own Soulful journey. Clients find Kayla for many reasons, some want to heal old wounds, some are in search of what the future has to offer, while others want some of life’s biggest questions answered + of course, to connect with those who have passed on home. But, one of her biggest passions is encouraging individuals to honour, embrace and accept the Human journey which includes both the Dark Shadowy + Light Selves. Kayla believe this allows Humans to feel like life happens for them, not against them - therefore, thriving, not surviving becomes the nature of this experience.

So, welcome to Kayla Leanne! You'll laugh, explore Self from a higher thinking lens + learn exactly how guidance can inspire healing. All you have to do is show up. 

"Hello, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you found me. If you’ve heard me yammer on, you know I fully trust in divine intervention, so if you curiously landed here, you’ve likely been magically guided. It’s how I believe I find + connect with all my clients, which really means our meeting has zero to do with me, it’s all about YOU. I honestly have the utmost respect + admiration for my clients because this experience is not for the faint of heart, being Human is hard as shit. Having a willingness to show up + dive deep into yourself is tough but necessary work and I have yet to meet a Human who is not only capable + strong, but worthy of all the healing. So, I am Kayla, I’m a woman, an intuitive, a partner, a Mama, friend, teacher + I wholeheartedly believe that together, while we integrate our dark into our light, we are embodying the process needed on earth — therefore, contributing to spreading more light, light that this world desperately needs. I oh so look forward to working with you, sending love + light..."